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Census Bureauthe city has a total area of When read in the context of answer 1, it appears that the term "disclaimer which is not disclosed in the application as filed" used in answer 2 is the term linking this answer to answer 1. Patients with tumors between 2 and 10 cm have an intermediate risk of having the tumor come back after surgery.

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From these rulings it follows that any amendment to the parts of a European patent application or of a European patent relating to the disclosure the description, claims and drawings is subject to the mandatory prohibition on extension laid down in Article 2 EPC and can therefore, irrespective of the context of the amendment made, only be made within the limits of what a skilled person would derive directly and unambiguously, using common general knowledge, and seen objectively and relative to the date of filing, from the whole of these documents as filed, points 1.

It is, therefore, not in contradiction to Article 2 EPC.

Disclosure Issues and the Role of the Special Advocate

Hence, disclaiming subject-matter disclosed in the application as filed can also infringe Article 2 EPC if it results in the skilled person being presented with technical information which he would not derive directly and unambiguously, using common general knowledge, from the application as filed.

The area was heavily damaged during the U. Therefore, as is the case for any other amendment, the test for an amendment to a claim by disclaiming subject-matter disclosed as part of the invention in the application as filed must be that after the amendment the skilled person may not be presented with new technical information.

Indeed, as a matter of logic, the singling out of a small group Y within a larger group Xnecessarily gives two groups i.

As a consequence, it appears that the purpose of the example given in point 2. Postoperatively, imatinib should be resumed due to the likelihood of residual microscopic disease.

The question referred to the Enlarged Board of Appeal is answered as follows: The prognosis of a patient with primary GIST depends on tumor size, location, and cellular division.

For this reason, we recommend that patients who respond to imatinib should be considered for complete surgical resection of their metastatic disease whenever possible.

The submissions made were essentially: Having reviewed the record, we conclude that disbarment is the appropriate sanction in this matter. In both trials, 1 year of imatinib at a dose of mg per day is given. Adjuvant therapy is performed to reduce or eliminate the chance of a tumor coming back after its removal.

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In this capacity he trained and prepared his fellow South Carolinians for the war that would soon come. Hence, when it comes to determining whether, after the introduction of the disclaimer, the claim infringes Article 2 EPC or whether it is in conformity with it, this cannot be decided solely by establishing that the disclaimed subject-matter is disclosed in the application as filed.

The applicant may, for example, be interested in obtaining a first quicker protection for a preferred embodiment and pursue the general teaching in a divisional application.

The context is first that in a preceding passage, in point 2. The construction of the referred question 2. In respect of inventive step the questions as to whether the problem has been solved over the whole breadth of the claim or whether an advantageous effect obtained by the remaining claimed subject-matter can be deduced from the application as filed may in particular become relevant.

The main problem of the compatibility of disclosed disclaimers with Article 2 EPC does not lie in one specific "embodiment" of an invention being disclaimed from a broad generic claim. As a consequence, the Enlarged Board holds that the term "embodiment" in the referred question should be understood as addressing the issue of disclaiming "subject-matter".

GIST is a distinct entity from gastrointestinal leiomyosarcoma. A disclaimer whose subject-matter is disclosed as an embodiment of the invention in the application as filed is not contrary to Article 2 EPC.

It went on, rightly in our view, to address the real question: After the fall of General Walker he was transferred to Cheatham's division, which he commanded for some time during the fall campaign of that year. Gist is reminded of his duties pursuant to Bar Rule c. Slade operated lumber camps along the Newton-Jasper county line near Gist as early as Another important factor in predicting outcome is the presence of tumor spread metastasis at the time of diagnosis of a primary GIST; these patients have a worse prognosis.

In this respect, the Enlarged Board notes that e. Every crime is applicable to a criminal defense lawyer, and these may include anything from traffic infringement, to DUIs to more severe crimes that present the option of imprisonment and bulky fines. It is cases of this kind that have given rise to doubts whether, after the introduction of such a broad disclaimer, the subject-matter remaining in the claim is still the same as that formerly claimed, and have prompted the idea that, when the requirements of Article 2 EPC are examined, the nature of the subject-matter remaining in the claim must be assessed.

The wording the Enlarged Board chose in the starting line of answer 2, reading "a disclaimer may be allowable" indicates that with the criteria set up in answer 2 the Enlarged Board did indeed not intend to give a complete definition of when a disclaimer violates Article 2 EPC and when it does not.

An invention comprising different specific embodiments or groups thereof has been disclosed in the application as filed, a part of which is excluded from the requested protection, i.

To conclude, no convincing reason has been advanced for not applying the principles developed in the context of Article 2 EPC for the assessment of amendments to claims by the introduction of positive limiting features in the same manner to limitations of claims by disclaimers which disclaim subject-matter disclosed in the application as filed.

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Jurisprudence in gist
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